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Roll The Bones take you on a Psychedelic Rock and Blues Trip

Roll The Bones at Cherry Cult Festival - March 17, 2023.

Roll The Bones is a band that has captured the essence of psychedelic rock and blues with a heavy guitar focus. With their debut album, self-titled Roll The Bones, the band has taken listeners on a psychedelic ride through the mind of frontman Maxwell Evans. Their sound is reminiscent of the golden age of rock and roll, transporting audiences back to a time when music was raw and unbridled.

A blend of psychedelic rock and blues that energizes the crowd with powerful rifs and guitar magic.

The album, which is available on and all streaming services, is a testament to the band's ability to capture the essence of both genres. The heavy guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and crisp vocals all come together to create a sound that is both powerful and harmonic. Lead man Maxwell Evans brings a powerful voice to the mix, adding depth and emotion to each song. Drummer Mark Boer, Bassist Nash Calvert, Ryley Eddy on guitar, and Sabrina Huot on backing vocals all come together to create a sound that is both loud and rock-filled.

From the opening notes of "Day Light" to the final chords of "Warm Your Bones", the album takes the listener on a blues and rock journey that feels like stepping into a 1970 Camaro. The engine roars while the bronze paint harmonizes with the golden tones of a vintage guitar. Transporting you to the psychedelic rock scene one track and mile at a time. The band's ability to blend blues and rock seamlessly is showcased in tracks like "Going on a Trip" and "Helen's Blues". The album also features softer and more dreamy tracks such as "Wasting Time'".

The album's title track "End of the Line" is a standout track that perfectly encapsulates the band's sound. The track starts with a blues riff and pulsating rhythm, before matching with harmonic vocal and backing guitar. Rocking guitar solos are perfectly complemented by Boer's driving drums and Calvert's grooving bass lines.

Overall, Roll The Bones' debut album is a stunning masterpiece that takes listeners on a psychedelic journey through a world of sound that is both familiar and new. With each track, the band captures the essence of both psychedelic rock and blues, creating a sound that is both powerful and ethereal. Roll The Bones is a band to watch, and their debut album is a must-listen for anyone who loves great music.



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