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Roll the Bones Rocks the Inaugural Cherry Cult Festival

Roll The Bones at Cherry Cult Festival - Edmonton, AB - March 17-19, 2023.

The inaugural Cherry Cult Festival in Edmonton kicked off with a bang last Friday night, as the psychedelic rock and blues-inspired band Roll The Bones took the stage. The band, known for their heavy guitar focus and soulful vocals, set the tone for the 3-day festival with an electrifying performance.

Leadman Maxwell Evans, drummer Mark Boer, Bassist Nash Calvert, Ryley Eddy on guitar and Sabrina Huot on backing vocals, took the stage and immediately captivated the audience with their raw energy and impeccable musicianship. The band's sound, which is reminiscent of the golden age of rock and roll, was the perfect fit for the festival's eclectic lineup of artists.

Roll The Bones played tracks from their debut album, self-titled Roll The Bones, which is available on and all streaming services.

The album, which is a psychedelic ride through the mind of frontman Maxwell Evans, showcases the band's ability to seamlessly blend blues and rock, creating a sound that is both powerful and ethereal.

The album's standout track, "Wasting Time", was met with thunderous applause from the audience, as Evans' soulful vocals and Eddy's scorching guitar solos were perfectly complemented by Boer's driving drums and Calvert's ripping bass lines.

While it's true that Edmonton has a thriving music scene, it often goes overlooked in comparison to larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver. However, events like the Cherry Cult Festival are helping to shine a spotlight on the city's vibrant music culture.

Roll The Bones' performance at the festival is a testament to the talent and creativity that exists in the city. The band's ability to capture the essence of both psychedelic rock and blues is a testament to the diversity of the Edmonton music scene.

Overall, Roll The Bones' performance at the inaugural Cherry Cult Festival was a highlight of the weekend, showcasing the band's undeniable talent and energy. The festival, which featured a diverse lineup of artists, was a celebration of Edmonton's rich music culture, and a reminder that great music is alive and well in YEG.



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